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Updated: 02/23/2008

  • Edited Taming Riki Volume I link as per request of the writer.
  • New Gundam Wing fic recs
  • New Naruto Fic Recs


It has been brought to my attention that some Slamdunk (RuHana) fics I've recced in this site were translated into other language by this forum, 流花吧(liu hua ba) without proper consent from its respective writers.  Now, I don't claim any rights to those fics but, please, ASK, or at least put a proper link in your respective translations.  That is all. 

About this Site!!!

From this point on, this URL will only feature FIC RECS (Fanfic Recommendations) of the animes listed on your left. The old site is gone and I decided to not redo it again ^^ Don't have time.

Also, if you have any fics you think worth recommending, do email me and I'll read it. I'm not saying it will be put up though coz' everything in this site, I like. We may have different taste :) If you have a fic you want archive.... I'm doing that too, but only IF you don't have anywhere to put it up, not even or any of the other fiction sites. Again, it's up to me whether to put it up or not, and when to take it down as well.

So without further ado..... Let me tell you about what fics I do like and read.

What to Expect? What I look for in fics?
  • FICS:  100% YAOI!!!

  • GENRE: Mostly, ROMANCE with a touch of ANGST.--  I love those the best -- HUMOR.  A bit of OOC can also be found in some characters but... not so much so that you'd cringe with how they're portrayed.  *shudders*  AU's.  And of course, LEMONS.  

  • RATING: Be on the lookout for NC17's and R's.  I've got tons of those though not necessarily for sexual content.  

  • PAIRINGS:  Canon YAOI pairings... Some fanon pairings... BUT no OC's.  I hate Mary Sues!

  • STATUS: FINISHED!!!  Almost, anyway.  The only ones that you'd find 'IN PROGRESS' are the ones I'm hosting or the ones stated as such.


  • STORYLINEIf your story has loopholes in it.. or if you left me hanging and asking for questions about the ending or how the story went... then the fic is a no go.  I'll send it to the recycle bin even before I finish it.

  • PLOT:  Of course a great storyline always comes with a good plot.  But not just any plot, it must be darn believable as well as plausible.  However, I'm not saying that I don't read PWPs coz' I do ^^.

  • CHARACTERIZATION:  Hmm... OOCness... To support or not to support?  I'm more or less in the middle but more inclined towards NOT OOC.  I could understand the characters acting different or saying something out of norm, IF and WHEN the story calls for it.  That's all.  

  • GRAMMAR:   Am not that strict on this area.  For me, as long as the English doesn't get me off track from the fic that I'm reading... then it's okay.  So I'm easy to please.  Sue me ^^;;  I'd rather you not do so though...